A few questions about Influencer Marketing.

Each referral credit seems expensive- is it?

Think of it this way- business cards cost 10 cents up to 1 dollar per piece. They’re great to start, but have no exponential value like a Timeburst Referral. Your audience will be paid to share a message with their closest contacts, true referral marketing.

I'm not sure how to set up my business profile- what can I do?

No prob, the Timeburst admin. team can set you up the same day and have your promoters sharing your message ASAP. All paid plans include profile and message setup.

Will this work for my industry?

If you are selling a product or service, chances are you’ve wondered about building your referral business. The Timeburst Referral Marketing System is your perfect partner to boost your referral pipeline.

I don't have an idea of what message to post- can you help?

Absolutely. Our marketing experts can advise about what type of post to promote and what methods could provide the most referrals.

Do my promoters get paid to share my message?

Yes they do. All users of Timeburst that share your message with their contacts are paid for the referral. This incentive keeps them sending messages to relevant audiences and increasing your potential pipeline ratios.

How do most people feel about paying users to share their messages?

Referral marketing has been around for 100’s of years, in many forms. Car dealers, retailers, and many service professionals have paid referral fees to their customers who have shared promotions with their contacts. The Timeburst Referral Marketing System automates that process and allows virtually any industry a chance to boost their referral marketing program.

What happens after I process my payment?

Once your order is received, our team will email you to collect all information needed to build your campaign. Think of it as an Advertising Concierge. Once we have all details, your brand profile and message(s) will be posted online and ready to refer to the world!

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Small Team Influencer Marketing System
$197 One Time Fee
$49/mo. After 1st Month
up to 5 Team Members
Custom Profile Setup
$50 Advertising Credit Included
Online Event Calendar
Shared by 10+ Influencers
Custom Reporting with Support
Custom Links to All Social Media
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Large Team Influencer Marketing System
$297 One Time Fee
$97/mo. After 1st Month
Custom Profile Setup
6+ Team Members
$75 Advertising Credit
Online Event Calendar
Shared by 20+ Influencers
Custom Reporting with Account Manager
Custom Links to All Social Media
Highlighted Ads On "Timeburst Sponsor Areas"
National Campaigns OK
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