Attention Advertisers: Are you spending big $$$ on social media but concerned about the quality of leads?

It may seem inexpensive to send a post to a big audience, but do they really care about your product or service? This means:

  • You are spending a big chunk of your product revenue sending a message to uninterested consumers.
  • Most of these consumers do not open your posts, much less share them with others.
  • What seems like a great value up front, turns out to be an expensive pay-per-click advertising campaign that is making the social networks BILLIONS of dollars (that’s your $$$).

And… when you really think about it, overspending on advertising could lead to a reduction in working capital. This usually results in lower inventory amounts which makes your brand less attractive. Selling a product at a clearance price to increase traffic is not the answer. Neither is not advertising.

Introducing Timeburst, the Referral Marketing System. With Timeburst, you can:

  • Create a following of referrals for your brand.
  • Utilize Influencers to spread your message where they see a fit (not a bot or algorithm).
  • Tailor your campaign to the perfect fit for your promotion or event.

A Message from The Founder

“Hi, I’m Chris La Cross, the founder of Timeburst. For 20 years, I’ve created and operated small businesses in many industries and the one unknown variable I found in common throughout that experience was: where will that next customer come from? It may seem easy to track with a billboard or TV ad, but it’s really not. Plus, the expense of most advertising mediums is cost prohibitive for a lot of small business or sole proprietors. Traditional Social Media seems like a great idea, but the more crowded it gets, the more expensive it becomes and noise from competitors isn’t pleasant.
So, what I did is create a Social Network for the one type of marketing that worked for me regardless of the industry, product, or price point. That is Referral Marketing. Getting paid by gift or currency for the referral of a product or service has been around for 100’s of years and we have all experienced it. The key action was putting a referral marketing into a Social Network format where users get paid to share messages with their contacts. It’s fun and profitable for someone to share your brand promotion or event: A win-win!

What's Your Strategy?

``I'd love to schedule a call where we discuss your marketing goals create a referral marketing solution that will boost traffic and exposure for your brand. Book a call with me today.`` Chris