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Join an All-In-One Marketing System That Builds Unique Audiences for Your Brand.

How do you build an audience of loyal customers?

Marketing is a vital part of maintaining steady traffic and sales for any company.

But nowadays, there are 1,000’s of marketing solutions and so little time to review them.

What you need is an on-demand marketing system that is low-cost, saves you time, and increases your marketing traffic and lead quality.

Timeburst provides you an all-in-one marketing solution by creating a viral promotion for users to share with their contacts.

How does Timeburst work?


Step 1

Create Your Promotion.

Timeburst is a marketplace. Brands post upcoming events and promotions to be seen and shared by users. Once you post an event, users get paid to share your ad with their friends, contacts, and social networks.

Step 2

Influencers Start Promoting Your Brand.

Users, aka Influencers or Promoters, will find your promotions and share them with their friends, contacts, and social sites.


Step 3

Watch Your Audience Grow.

At this point, you are now creating decentralized networks of prospects who were referred to your brand. Monitor traffic and new audience on your dashboard.

The Benefits of Using Timeburst

With Timeburst you only pay when your messages are shared. Every campaign has a set budget for you to manage and unused funds are saved for your next campaign.

With one promotion on Timeburst, users will share your messages with their contacts and on multiple social sites- saving you time from having to create multiple ads.

Most users will share messages with audiences they think are relevant to your offer. This gives you refined prospects that are more interested in your product or service than a general audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I promote an event on Timeburst, how will it get exposure?

How do we know if the promotion is being shared?

What if my promotion expires and there are share credits remaining?

Are there any monthly fees in addition to my campaign cost?

What is the minimum cost to run a Timeburst Influencer Campaign?

What kind of promotions should I advertise?

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