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Timeburst offers brands of all sizes a unique referral marketing platform. You'll be able to build a following, create urgency like never before, and keep connected with your audience far past the day of your post. Easily customize your audience filters and generate prospects that are truly interested in your brand, not an algorithm guessing at what you need.
Using the Timeburst Referral Marketing System before your competition gives you an advantage usually not seen. From the first post, your brand awareness will spread through a referral system and stay on cell phones in sight of a relevant audience until your message expires.

Want to Advertise via Influencer Marketing?

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    Create Your Event Calendar.

    Timeburst builds ads on future events to keep your audience engage with a sense of urgency to participate.

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    Influencers share your message.

    Once live, Promoters (aka Influencers) can get paid to share your message with their network. We call this an organic and decentralized audience.

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    Enjoy the referrals and monitor your success.

    With the Timeburst Advertiser Dashboard, you can find out which ads are being shared, how many times, and other key performance indicators (KPI).

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